Module nebari::io

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IO abstractions for Nebari.

Nebari was written to have the flexibility of multiple backend options. This may allow Nebari to target no_std in the future or allow for other IO strategies to be implemented in addition to the ones seen here today.


A wrapper type for any file type.

Filesystem IO provided by std::fs.

A virtual memory-based filesystem.


Converts between paths and unique IDs.

A file that has had its contents replaced. While this value exists, all other threads will be blocked from interacting with the PathIds structure. Only hold onto this value for short periods of time.


A generic file trait.

A manager that is responsible for controlling write access to a file.

An operation to perform on a file.

A file that is managed by a FileManager.

A type that can open managed files.

A file that can have operations performed on it.

A file that can have an operation performed against it.